Executive Assault Fuses RTS and FPS Mechanics

Hesketh Studios announced that their game, Executive Assault, is now available through Steam Early Access. This is the studio’s first project, which is currently only available on PC. Gamers can purchase the Early Access release for $19.99 USD.

In Executive Assault, players control a CEO who is tasked with taking over a planet using a fusion of RTS and FPS mechanics. Utilizing the CEO’s personal terminal in their lush office, players can construct their base, add fortifications, build units, gather resources, and control their forces from the typical top-down perspective. However, those who want to get their hands a bit dirtier can switch to first-person view, and actually interact with everything they have built to engage the enemy directly.


Enemy and allied buildings can be explored, giving players the opportunity to personally defend important facilities, or sabotage enemy outposts from within. Units can be given a variety of upgrades to deal with different situations, adding an extra layer of strategic depth as decisions are measured up against counter-tactics. When in first-person mode, players can take control of any of their own units. Such units include giant mechs, bombers, tanks, and hover cruisers. Multiplayer is available so that friends can go head-to-head in the genre blending title, and the game’s most recent update offers a new map to play on, bringing the total number of locations to 6. Stay up to date on the latest news by visiting the official website, or check out the game on the Executive Assault Steam page.

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