Ex-Witcher and Kholat Developers Team up for Seven


After The Witcher 3 released, several members of CD Projekt RED left the Polish studio to pursue their own venture. The newly founded Fool’s Theory had been working quietly, until now. They teamed up with IMGN.PRO, the folks behind the horror game Kholat (reviewed in our Magazine), and have released the first details of their project, Seven.

Inspired by ThiefSeven takes place in a world where the Dark Ages mesh with ancient technology. The Empire of Vetrall lives on after an apocalyptic event that occurred a few centuries ago. Those who survived struggle in a landscape rife with mysterious technology. The protagonist of the story is unknown so far, and Emperor Drugun is the only revealed name.


Seven is being developed using Unreal Engine 4, presenting the 3D world from an isometric perspective. Vetrall will be a sandbox, with the player being able to freely explore the world. The developers want to subvert the classic, isometric RPG gameplay by granting the hero parkour skills, allowing him or her to traverse obstacles in many ways. Fans of the The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt will be happy to see a similar approach to storytelling. There will be lots of morally-ambiguous choices and frequent plot twists to keep players on their toes.


“Our greatest ambition is to bring a breath of fresh air into classic, isometric role playing games – a genre where the player was traditionally chained to the ground,” Jakub Rokosz, project lead and founder of Fool’s Theory, said. “Seven will bring a new type of exploration as well as open new possibilities for tactical planning and stealth gameplay.”

In total, there are 16 developers working full-time on Seven. There is currently no information on specific platforms or a release date.

Check out Seven‘s website for a few more lore tidbits, and follow the game’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates.

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