Ex-Last Guardian, Killzone Devs Form New Studio

Vane banner (cropped)

Following a growing trend in game development, five developers from various studios have left their AAA homes to form their own, new studio: Friend & Foe. Now residing in Tokyo, the five developers are working on two games, each as different as the members of the studios themselves.Dangerous Men

The first is Dangerous Men, which is described as “an action arcade game based on 80’s buddy cop movies, featuring a city-wide explosionfest as detectives Dan & Don literally jump from explosion to explosion to clear the city of the Punk Gang menace.” I can only assume this means the explosions will somehow be platforms you somehow stand on, or maybe that the levels will just be creatively-shaped explosions. No idea! Time will tell.

Their other game, Vane, is in a similar vein (heh) to ICO or thatgamecompany games. It’s an atmospheric game focused on exploration and unraveling the mystery of this odd world you’ve been dropped into. The character you control is a young child with an “odd ability,” which can be seen in GIFs only as the ground tearing itself up behind the child’s feet — and this may not even be the ability they refer to. For all we know, that’s just a very strange dust effect.storm

Vane will be released for the PC first, and other systems later if possible, while Dangerous Men has not been assigned a platform yet. Neither game has a release date, but you can learn more about Vane and follow its development over at Friend & Foe’s website, as well as learn a bit more about its five fascinating members.

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