‘Evoland’ Evolves From Game Jam To Full Release


For anyone who has followed the Ludum Dare contests over the past few months you may have seen one game by a small developed team known as Shiro Games who created Evoland.

Evoland won the Ludum Dare 24 contest for its highly innovative take on RPG history. In Evoland you play starting with a monochrome top-down view which was seen in the early Zelda games. This then gradually progresses through the ages right up to the 3D rendered worlds we all know and love today.

Evoland quite obviously has had a great deal of influence from classic RPG titles like Zelda and Final Fantasy but it’s able to combine them here in a rather unique and fun way not seen before in RPGs.

Evoland really is quite the trip down memory lane, bringing back many of the awesome features we have seen in the past, while making for a completely unique game that really does stand up on its own.

After doing so well in Ludum Dare the team decided to flesh out the game even more and even managed to get it Greenlit earlier this year. Now, several months later, Shiro Games have finally released Evoland on the PC via Steam.

evoland ss01

Evoland has evolved from the critically acclaimed mini-game created for Ludum Dare into a full-fledged title now available to buy via Steam.

Evoland was released yesterday on Steam and is currently on sale, allowing you to save 10% until the 10th of April.

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