EVO Indie Showcase Highlights, Unsurprisngly, Indie Fighting Games

Lethal League screenshot

The Evolution Championship Series — more commonly known as the EVO fighting game tournament, or simply Evo — took place over the weekend. And while there was more than enough excitement for fans of fighting games, there was also something else happening: The EVO Indie Showcase. Showcasing at EVO does have a caveat though. While there doesn’t appear to be any sort of explicit rule against non-fighting games, competitive, enjoyable fighting games are what the attendees are there for, and so the whole showcase was made up of them. Plenty of new games, like Aztez and Battle-Golf Association, were shown alongside well-known titles like Nidhogg and TowerFall: Ascension. The full list of games that were included is as follows:

  • Advent Saga from Pro-Gen Studios, a developer made up of EVO competitors
  • Aztez, a game where you control a super-powered Aztec warrior trying to maintain his people’s empire
  • Battle-Golf Association (Formerly Capy vs Double Fine Battle-Golf Association and BGA World Tour) — it’s a game about fighting people with golf clubs. Dreams really do come true.
  • Gunsport, a sort of sequel to Necrosoft Games’ previous game, Gunhouse
  • Lethal League, which can be described as dodgeball where you aim specifically for your opponent’s face
  • Nidhogg, the crazy fencing game you’d have to have been buried by an avalanche to have missed
  • TowerFall: Ascensionthe Ouya game turned competitive hit
  • Starwhal: Just the Tip, a game about narwhals. Narwhals that fight each other.
  • Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, a fighting game from three former King of Fighters developer

Unfortunately, the actual Shoryuken link to news about the Indie showcase is down, but — assuming it goes back up at all — we’ll update if it goes live sometime soon.

List Source: Polygon

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