Every Life Tells a Story in the Dying City of Vidar

We were intrigued by the premise of Vidar when we took a look at it back in the November issue of the Indie Game Magazine. Telling the story of a city dying at the hands of a Beast, one that will kill each of the 24 NPCs living there if the player can’t stop it, Vidar places a lot of importance in its population. In RPGs, “Mountain’re nice.” is about the most deep, personal thing you can expect to hear from an NPC, but the citizens of Vidar have their own lives, loves, characteristics, and dreams. Now, developer Dean Razavi, together with pixel artist Becca Bair and composer Adrian Jakubiak, are bringing their vision to Kickstarter to help give this story the depth it deserves.


Vidar aspires to offer something complex with its NPCs. Not only do they have their own unique personalities, but they interact with each other in meaningful ways. In one example, a town guard is a coward, only able to go on when another NPC works with him. Should that NPC die, the guard will give up hope and retire.

That doesn’t mean beating the Beast by a certain night will stop this from happening, though, as the Beast kills citizens at random in the game. On one run, you may find the local priest dead on the first night, and the townsfolk’s behavior will change based on that. In others, he may be there during the final days of the game, helping out in ways that make things much easier. This also changes what missions you’re given and who you can help, shifting story and gameplay every time you restart the journey.


Intertwining the lives of 24 NPCs is not an easy task, which is why the developers are going to Kickstarter to complete their vision. Anticipating the changes in every single random death requires a ton of story and dialogue, which your donations will help fund. For those curious to see how far along the developers are in putting this kind of story in action, there is a demo on the game’s website.


For more information on the game and its developers, you can head to their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to help the game’s development, you can donate to their Kickstarter or vote for them on Steam Greenlight.

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