Escape From Castle Windtop in Royal Gardens

A new Android-based sidescroller was released this past holiday season, titled Royal Gardens. The game finds players in the role of a knight recently self-evicted from the castle prison. Unfortunately however, it seems that the penalty for jailbreak is an arrow to the head. Instead of recapturing the escapee, the guards line the towers and hail a barrage of arrows upon him, in order to put a stop to whatever it is he was planning on doing with his newfound freedom. Keeping the player corralled in the royal gardens is a forest that’s apparently impossible to escape, so he is forced to hang around and dodge arrows for eternity. The objective is to rack up a high score by dodging these arrows using platforms and shields to aid the player in a never-ending quest.


Controls are fairly simple and the HUD is non-invasive in format. The game handles the player movement smoothly and is an easy pick-up-and-play title for mobile gaming. Priced at $0.99, it’s available on Google Play¬†for Android devices. Royal Gardens was developed by Avodzman Entertainment, a team based in Brazil.

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