Escape Extinction in Iggy’s Egg Adventure

Iggy’s Egg Adventure just launched for PC on Steam for $9.99. Developed by Ginger Labs, the prehistoric platformer puts players in control of Iggy, a baby Velociraptor, attempting to rescue his mother from a group of kidnapping cavemen.


Designed to play like the classic side-scrolling platform games of yesteryear, Iggy’s Egg Adventure infuses a combination of both two and three-dimensional design aspects. The game moves and feels like an old-school Sega Genesis title, but handles and appears like a more modern incarnation. The developers aim to provide players with more control and precision than other games in the genre.

Players are tasked with finding and collecting Iggy’s mother’s eggs, which double as standard gold coins and are scattered throughout each level, along with a few secret eggs that unlock additional characters and costumes. Playable characters include Iggy, Terry, Perry, Patrick, Phredrick, and four other unlockable dinosaurs that possess different skills and special abilities; Terry has the ability to fly, Patrick can bash skulls with his rock-hard head, and Phredrick can spit acid on command.


The game includes 6 different Triassic zones that span 18 levels, all filled with everything from deadly spikes and lava to a hungry Tyrannosaurus-Rex and a killer Scorpion.

To learn more about Iggy’s Egg Adventure for PC on Steam, be sure to visit the game’s official websiteTwitter, and Facebook pages.