Escape a Wealthy Family’s Horror Trap in Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake

A wealthy family controls the world, and has created a trap to keep away whoever tries to uncover the truth about any of its members. This may sound like a part of a conspiracy theory, but it’s the main plot of Loudpak Studio’s new game Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake. The studio has been developing this procedurally-generated horror game since May 2015.


In the game, players control an investigative journalist named Jordan Baker, who goes down the rabbit hole created by the Rothschild family after starting an investigation about the hospitalization of Kane Rothschild. Players need to explore the environment in order to find out more about the case, and to find a way to escape the tunnels in which they’ve become lost. Thanks to the procedural generation and an open-world mechanic, each campaign is different from the rest, and players can explore the environment as much as they want. “There are no closed doors or invisible walls,” says the team in their press release.

An integration between the player’s microphone and the game is being developed, as well. Players who opt to use it have to pay attention to their screams and other noises while playing the game, because they will be heard by whatever is hiding inside the tunnels. Also, a skill system helps players to survive this hostile environment.


At the moment, a release date for Rothschild: The Sheep Will Wake has not been defined, but the game will be available for Windows PC and Mac upon release. Currently, the team is trying to gather funds on Kickstarter to release the game as soon as possible. Pledges starting from $10 will net the backer a copy of the game upon release. For further information, visit the game’s official website and follow the developers on Twitter.

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