Erotic Game ‘Seduce Me’ Releases Without The Help Of Steam

Seduce Me

Back when Valve’s Greenlight service released this past Summer it was met with quite a bit of controversy. One of those events was the pulling of a rather legitimate indie game called Seduce Me. While Seduce Me likely will never be able to release on Steam because of its sexual manner, the self-described “erotic strategy game” did get quite a bit of attention as many blogs covered it getting pulled, and now it’s available for purchase!

The developers behind the game, Andrejs Skuja and Miriam Bellard, are actually two developers who used to work at the high profile studio Guerilla Games, makers of the Killzone franchise. Just goes to show we can’t base the potential of a game by the subject matter that it contains. While I personally don’t plan on picking it up, I do think it’s pretty cool that two developers who use to work at a AAA studio are working with a genre that isn’t exactly known for its greatness.

To pick up Seduce Me you can buy it directly from No Reply Games starting at €12.99.

  • america. we’ll bankrupt our entire country on the word of a warmonger president, but make a game about sex and america’s freemarket-motivated egalitarian business practices self-censor its sale.

  • Just when I thought Valve/Steam was video game Jesus I find this. So, let me get this straight. Hotline Miami good, Leisure Suit Larry bad. What a world!