Epic Games and The Wellcome Trust Team Up for VR Challenge


Recently, The Wellcome Trust, a biomedical research charity group, teamed up with Epic Games to launch a game development challenge that will boost scientific research. The Big Data VR Challenge is designed to aid researchers in sifting through large amounts of scientific data. The goal is to make it as immersive as possible, ideally making the researchers feel less overwhelmed while searching through the data. By developing involving game worlds and interfaces, research data can be organized and presented in a way that makes it easier to find answers to problems. The challenge is calling for design teams to apply by sending an email to The application period closes at midnight GMT on March 31st. Six teams will be chosen to participate, each being granted $5,000 to cover development expenses. At the end, the winning team will receive $20,000 when the Develop Conference is held in Brighton, England from July 14th-16th.

Using Unreal Engine 4, developers are being asked to create a game environment and user interface that will immerse researchers in their information. One particular¬†element of interest is highly intuitive UI’s, allowing a more fluid interaction between a researcher and the data. Utilizing development skills and deep critical thinking, developers are being sought out to use their knowledge to mix scientific research with entertaining media, thus creating a more appealing method of conveying data and information. Any design teams with Unreal Engine experience and a free schedule are encouraged to apply before March 31st.

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