Enter A World of Nightmares in Razenroth

Razenroth is an action-RPG with a dark single-player story. Developed and published by Enitvare, the game utilizes roguelike dungeon exploration as well as procedurally generated elements like key item locations and weather.

Razenroth (PC) - 01

Razenroth follows the main character Charles Carter as he seeks to find and rescue his grandfather Joseph, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His grandfather leaves behind a single despairing note in an abandoned hut in the Valley of Whispers as the only clue to start with. With this, Charles must enter a world of nightmares inhabited by horrifying, and dangerous creatures. Players will have the ability to fight back however, using weapons and available tools such as magic spells, skills, and potions. There are over 200 different objects to discover and use, along with dozens of creatures to face in challenging combat. Leveling up leads to improved stats, as well as the chance to purchase items, keys, and potions. Players will also unlock other characters with different stats and skills.

Razenroth (PC) - 03

Razenroth is currently available for PC on Steam for only $4.99. Follow Enitvare on Twitter or like their Facebook page to learn more about Razenroth and future game projects.

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