‘Enola’ Developers Reveal “The Cave” And Enters Alpha 0.6


Sergio Aris Rosa and the Domaginarium are hard at work on their unique horror title, Enola. Unlike most horror stories, this is a love story. Rosa sums up Enola‘s narrative in the fewest words possible on his blog: “You’re a girl on a mysterious place, looking for her loved one, and you need to rescue her before it’s too late and the killer claims yet another victim.” The latest alpha is restructuring large portions of the game due to user feedback.


The story progression has been changed so the player knows what their objective is when they start the game, and the player also hears the killer’s voice so he can identify it later in the narrative. This way the central conflict and eventual conclusion is on the player’s radar and makes Enola feel more complete.


In previous alphas, all of the core areas were unlocked from the outset. While making the game very open, it did very little to let the player know when they were making progress in the story and when they were just running in circles. By setting areas to lock and unlock based on the progression of the game, the story now has more direction and pacing as far as what the character will discover and in what order. The content has been rearranged and edited to fit the new progression.


The largest addition is that of a new area, “the cave”. In “the cave” puzzles take a back seat, and the focus becomes exploration and discovery. All in all, Enola is coming together to be a very interesting and atypical horror title that you should keep on your radars. You can read more about the latest additions and follow the developers blog here.


You can get access to the latest alpha by purchasing Enola via Indievania, GamersGate,  Desura, and the Domaginarium official website. If you want to see the game on Steam, don’t forget to upvote them on Steam Greenlight.

  • Form4

    I love what I’ve seen of this game so far. The story presents itself as a rich and complex narrative and is a nice departure from your standard horror game. So far the developers have really ticked the right boxes in creating the right atmosphere. The music is downright creepy and works perfectly in this context. This is definitely something to look out for.