‘Energy Storm’ Pits You Against The Forces Of Light And Dark

A recent release by developer Matt Jogela-Hall combines the old flavor of Galaga with an interesting new twist. ‘Energy Storm’ was released just yesterday and is a shoot em up that deserves some extra attention. In fashion true to the genre, the game sends waves of enemies at the player, crowding the screen at all times with barrage after barrage of assault. Movement is controlled simply by sweeping your thumb back and forth along the lower portion of the screen, while shooting is done automatically at all times. So the game is traditional to this point, gets a bit more interesting when you notice the enemies shifting colours.


The game pitches two types of enemies at the player: light and dark. You pilot a ship capable of doing the same, shifting between the two mediums by lifting your finger from the screen for a moment before resuming your assault on the endless waves of enemies.  Player’s will have to remain mindful of what state their enemies are in because attacks against ships the same colour as yours will only do half damage, so look forward to constantly tapping the screen to adjust to different types of enemies.

‘Energy Storm’ is a free game, however, for a dollar each, player’s can purchase more powerful ships to take into battle. While the normal ship is fine for the beginning stages of the game, later levels will require the enhanced power of the purchased vehicles to complete, but you can also demo each ship before buying to decide if it’s worth the cash.

It’s a fun game, definitely worth its price tag of free, and fans of the shoot-em-up genre will likely be obliged to shell out two dollars for the extra ships.  Look for it at the App Store today for both iPhone and iPad!


  • Matt Jogela-Hall

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review my little game – MJ.