Empires in Ruins Needs Kickstarter to Help Quell the Rebellion

In The Principality of Hoth, a person’s station is measured by their family’s status. Those who are good will not be met with acclaim unless they have a “good” name. Since good deeds alone will not win favor amongst the residents, Sargeant Hans Heimer is making no effort to be courageous. His family consists of a long line of ne’er-do-wells, and their disgraced status has caused Sgt Heimer to be very disrespectful to everyone around him. This attitude serves him well in the military, especially when he’s asked to lead a march to regain control of rebelling provinces. However, things are never that simple; now the player must help Sgt Heimer to bring about peace…or at least keep the people in line.


The newest project from H&R Games, Empires in Ruins, is a tower defense that involves a myriad of other genres that combine to create what they hope to be an immersive experience. Managing an empire and utilizing turn-based strategy in a struggle for power gives the game a different spin over the usual tower defense fare. Empires in Ruins launched on Kickstarter, today, offering samples of their music and artwork as examples of the benefits of support, while also toting quite a large list of reward tiers. At kr160,000 ($19,282.34 USD), their total pledge goal is on the lower side of average for indie projects on Kickstarter. Reward tiers span from ~$3.50 for two high-res wallpapers to ~$5,680 for a personalized in-game character (among an extensive list that should be viewed on the campaign page).

Research and education options.

Research and education options.

For more information about H&R Games and Empires in Ruins, visit their website (warning: videos auto-play). Those interested can follow the devs on Twitter @EiR_TD, and “like” their Facebook page.  To try out early Alpha versions of Empires in Ruins, visit Kongregate (works best in Firefox) and GameJolt. An early Greenlight page can also be viewed on Steam.

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