Ellada Games Announces Norse Inspired Niffelheim

To help generate early interest in their upcoming title, indie studio Ellada Games officially announced the development of Niffelheim. The game is set to be available through Steam Early Access in October of this year, with a full release planned for some time in 2016 for PC, Mac, and Linux systems.


Niffelheim is a 2D action and exploration game inspired by Norse mythology and imagery, which submerges players in a range of hand-illustrated environments. Players control the soul of a fallen warrior who has passed into the land of the dead, but whose battle is far from over. Demons have granted the warrior new life in exchange for his assistance in awakening an ancient power. Gamers will explore the world from both above and below as they gather crafting resources, complete quests, and fight the sinister monsters that lurk amidst the cursed world.


The game will release with several features to help round-out the exploration portions of the title. Players can develop a classic RPG styled skill tree to improve their character’s abilities. Cooperative multiplayer will be available so that friends, or even AI controlled heroes, can fight alongside their allies. Resources can be gathered so that players can craft weapons and tools, or even materials to build their very own castles.

Those interested in Niffelheim’s most recent updates, gameplay trailers, and images should visit the official website.

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  • Here’s a gameplay trailer: The graphics are awesome, but sorta weird and creepy. Reminds me of Monty Python’s animations a bit. My only criticism is that the gameplay seems a bit slow for an action game.