Elementalist – RPG Meets Finger Painting

If Magic and finger-painting were combined, a beautiful creation would become reality. Actually, that’s kind of the idea behind Elementalist, Tengu Games’ single-player turn-based RPG, in which you use the touch-screen on your iOS or Android device to activate magical skills and abilities.

Elementalist features a massive world of fantasy, in which monsters need slaying, realms need exploring, and, most importantly, the destruction of everything needs to be averted. No pressure.


Once you have chosen your character from the 16 spell-casting heroes available, it will take all of your cunning to defeat the different enemies that will slither into battle against you. There are 26 skills that can be drawn into play, each with their own elements – which will, like any good RPG, be more effective against certain enemies than others – and the power of these skills will be up to you, or rather, the accuracy of your drawing.

Skills are cast not by simply selecting them. You can determine the power of each spell you cast by drawing the symbol as accurately as possible. The more precisely you draw, the more powerful the spell becomes! If you manage to draw spells perfectly you unlock the ultimate potential of spells and add an extra effect to your attack.”

Though I can’t yet tell you what the mysterious ‘extra effect’ will be, I can reveal that Elementalist will provide 45+ collectibles and 30 trophies to gather over its 8+ hour campaign. If you happen to be playing the game one battle at a time whilst travelling or waiting for something less fantastical in the real world, then this RPG could have you in its claws for some time.


Another bonus is that during the trailer I realised that I was feeling rather inspired, and I place this motivational blame directly onto the music, of which I am hoping to hear more of during the full game. The developers also seem to have a sense of humour – in the form of a spell-casting blooper that closes the trailer – and even though I can’t see how this would be applied to the full game, I can’t help but like Tengu Games a little more because of it.

Take out your parchment, dip your quill in ink (I’m assuming you’ll want to use your fantasy writing equipment), and jot down the release date for Elementalist on the App and Google Play stores; January 14th, 2014. I plan to bring you an in-depth review before this time, but while you wait, maybe practise your drawing. Nothing is more embarrassing than magic-casting that doesn’t stay between the lines.