Electronic Shmup Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition Released on Steam

Some games want to cram as much insane, colorful action into people’s brains as possible. One such game is Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition, a vertical-scroller shoot-’em-up developed by Entity Medialab and published by Black Shell Media. It is now available for purchase on Steam.

HS2 2

Hyperspace Invaders II also aims to be a rhythmic experience, with tempo-based gameplay that has gamers fighting off invaders to a techno beat. The game boasts adaptive difficulty, with the challenge increasing the better someone is playing, “generative gameplay,” which creates new levels each time the game is picked up, and controller support. Ten tracks keep the electronic beat going, from “renowned artists in the world of electronic music, such as Carl Finlow, Ronny Ragtroll, Karl Lihagen, Atomhead, Subjex, Zuvuya, Mergel, NoProblemCore, Psykovsky and Arcek, and HFK.”


Wondering how all of these artists got involved? Well, Entity’s Jan Robbe also manages a netlabel for experimental electronic music, and is a producer of electronica. As a result, these connections were put to good use for Hyperspace, which is also used as a “vehicle to expose players to more underground electronic music.”


Any electronic-loving shmup fans can find more information over on Entity’s official website, “like” the game on Facebook, or head to the Steam page where Hyperspace Invaders II: Pixel Edition was recently released.