‘Eerie Estate Agent’ Bringing Horror To The Real Estate Indsutry

Eerie Estate Agent

Choice of Games, developers behind a popular line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games such as Heroes Rise and Choice of Zombies, announced their latest game Eerie Estate Agent today. Announced for iOS, Android, and via the Chrome Web Store, Windows, OS X, and Linux, Choice of Games is looking to bring Eerie Estate Agent to a mass audience.

In Eerie Estate Agent, you work at a real estate agency with a beautiful view and have conquered this hard economic time. Things could be great if it wasn’t for your tyrannical boss that is about to fire you if you don’t succeed in renting out a haunted house.

Eerie Estate AgentIf you’ve never played an interactive novel before, your choices determine how the story proceeds. For example, when your tenants, who haven’t slept in days due to bone-chilling whispers emanating from the walls, ask to break their lease, will you:

A) Let them transfer their lease to another property?
B) Allow them to break the lease, but keep their security deposit?
C) Insist on sticking to the terms of the lease?
D) Boldly investigate, like all the victims in bad horror films?

Will you ignore the supernatural phenomena, or will you use it to your advantage and build up publicity? How will you handle ghost hunters, squatters and celebrity tenants? You can emerge as a top agent, stage on office coup, or possibly end up becoming a permanent resident of the frightening 57 Crowther Terrace yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with the game; it is so well written that as I played I developed a sense of what your horrid boss looks like without looking at any promotional material. Then I saw the official screenshot and my rendition was strangely similar. The writing is top notch to say the least.

Choice of Games is looking to have Eerie Estate Agent out by the end of the month. To keep up with Choice of Games and any news on Eerie Estate Agent follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and their personal website where you can check out their other projects.