‘Edge Of Space’ A Place Only Sharks Dare Dwell

Edge of space sharks

When video games where first taking off back in the ‘80s we saw the opportunity for video games to transport us to a whole other world. We could be heroes and kill demons or drive super cars around tracks, we could do anything.

The more recent trend in gaming has been to fulfil the more basic and simple tasks such as to farm or mine, and it’s not like this is niche… The guys over at HandyMan Studios have managed to turn the mundane (yet popular) idea of mining into a whole other level with their latest venture Edge Of Space.

Edge Of Space is an exploration, crafting, building, sandboxy style game that is very reminiscent of Terraria. Unlike Terraria however Edge Of Space is set in space (as the name might suggest) and appears to be an even more zany and off the wall version of the popular crafting game.

Setting a game in space really allows you to pull out all the stops and when you have space sharks I kind of feel this is going to be a winner. Along with the really off the wall ideas Edge Of Space aims to expand the 2D sandbox genre by adding gas simulation, power grids, co-op weapons and even a non-linear advancement system amongst a whole host of other awesome ideas.

Edge Of Space SS01

You may very well by scratching your head right now thinking that this sounds familiar and if so that is because HandyMan Studios ran a Kickstarter last summer and managed to net $35,495 of their $25,000 goal.

Edge Of Space just seems completely crazy fun and looks to offer quite the unparalleled gaming experience. Edge Of Space is currently available on Desura for $9.99 however if you would like to see Edge Of Space on Steam be sure to vote for it on the Steam Greenlight.

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