Echo Dawn: Shattered Vision Brings a Deep RPG Experience to Mobile

When thinking of RPG experiences that last over 60 hours, consoles and PCs are usually the obvious platform choices. But in early 2011, the two-person studio PixeLight Games began planning a deep, non-conformist experience for mobile iOS devices, which has since evolved into Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions.

The tactical choices in the game begin at the outset, in the party creation screen. Among the seven unique classes, such as bard, druid, or ninja, the selected party of four can feature any composition, even four healers. More aggressive setups can place dual-weapon-wielding fighters at the front, and there’s room to customize each class as well. A ninja can opt to pool points into strength and swing a heavy katana, or hit more often with daggers and shurikens.


The story, as per typical RPG fare, involves saving the world from corruption and impending destruction. It involves themes of love and friendship as well as betrayal and death. The game features an Easy difficulty, which should work out well for those who want to focus more on enjoying the story aspects, while the Normal and Hard options offer a greater challenge typically reserved for more experienced gamers.

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions recently released on the iTunes Store for $3.99. Those interested can download the game there, and also check out PixeLight Games’ website for additional information.

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