E3 2015: Unravel… A Mysterious, Yarn-Filled Adventure

Amidst the AAA titles and PR reps with their awkward buzz-words, one little indie platformer during EA’s conference pulled at the heart strings; Unravel. Developed by Coldwood Interactive, a little Swedish studio, and published by EA (who picked it up after seeing its potential), the unassuming Yarny may yet be headed for an adventure filled with intrigue.


In Unravel, players join the aforementioned Yarny, the red, woolly protagonist of the game, on a journey of the unknown. Everywhere Yarny goes, a single line of yarn unravels behind him, leaving a trail behind his journey and connecting the story in ways that are yet to be seen. The yarn is also used to progress, as can be seen in the E3 2015 footage shown, in which Yarny uses it to swing across chasms, pull down blockages, fly a leaf like a kite, and wrap it around a fish to propel a raft forward.

At first glance, one might be mistaken for thinking that Sackboy from Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet lost a little weight, dyed himself red, and jumped into a new adventure, but the colorful appearance may yet be misleading. Unravel is quite clearly adorable, but there are elements of something darker in what has been revealed so far, from the melancholy music to a downtrodden Yarny making his way, only to be knocked into the mud by a passing car.


For those wondering how little Yarny’s adventure will progress, stick with IGM, where we’ve been keeping a close eye on everything indie as E3 unravels. More info can also be found on the studio’s website, Facebook and Twitter.