E3 2015: Time Machine VR Gets a New Trailer

Minority Media, the same folks that developed Papo & Yo, just released a special E3 2015 trailer for their upcoming Oculus Rift exclusive titled Time Machine VR. The ambitious project allows players to go back in time to see, and study, dinosaurs in their natural habitat, while dealing with the dangers of wild animals ten times the size of a human, and the fact that touching the fragile fabric of time may not be as simple as it seems on paper.


The simplest explanation for Time Machine VR is a time travel dinosaur safari, which sounds like a childhood dream come true (at least for me). In the year 2033, humankind gains the ability to travel through time and uses it to send the player back to the Jurassic period to assemble the most comprehensive record of Earth’s pre-history. Players will witness the world change, starting on a mountainous landmass in 2033 before appearing millions of years in the past under the surface of the ocean. Players can then study the movements and behaviors of different prehistoric creatures, slowing down time to better aim as they probe and scan different animals. When approaching larger dinosaurs, players will have to take bigger risks and approach carefully in order to scan one single body part of the creature, while avoiding the dangers associating with getting too close to a dinosaur.


Time Machine VR promises to offer an unexpected fusion of dinosaurs and time travel. For more information on the project, gamers are encouraged to visit the team’s Facebook page, or to follow them on Twitter.

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