E3 2015: Fullbright Talks Tacoma

Fullbright, who most gamers know either as “The Gone Home¬†folks” or “Those people that made me cry a lot,” have just announced their new game, and it’s looking like it’ll be out of this world.

… Because it’s in space.

I’m sorry.

Beyond the teaser trailer, not much is known about Tacoma, beyond the fact that the game appears to be taking a slightly scarier approach (Gone Home, while occasionally creepy, mainly used the implication of horror to reinforce the themes of the game).

Players are trapped in some kind of space station, and, as always seems to be the case, there is an AI in the station, Odin, that, if it’s not keeping the main character there, it certainly isn’t helping her leave.

Tacoma logo

Beyond the setting, not much is known about the game yet. We can see some interesting tidbits of the world, however: The player’s character signs a password (as in, American Sign Language), which is a unique idea and one that I wonder why more people haven’t looked into. Imagine how useful it would be to know ASL simply as a matter of course, because you need it to enter a password. Further, digital ghosts of some sort keep appearing around the station, suggesting the station had something rather awful happen to it.

Tacoma is aiming for a 2016 release for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, as well as for the Xbox One. Keep an eye on the game’s website for updates, but at the moment the only thing there is the above trailer.

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