E3 2015: Free-to-play MOBA Gigantic Announces Closed Beta

Gigantic first made a big splash when it debuted at PAX East 2015. What we know so far is that it’s a colorful “shooter MOBA” featuring several characters inspired by a mix of animals, robots, and humans. The game is a competitive 5-on-5 MOBA where players have to protect and utilize their team’s massive Guardian to win battles. Fortunately, new details have recently surfaced.


As a part of their attendance at E3 2015, Motiga, the company behind Gigantic, revealed that a closed Beta version of the game will be released on August 10 for Xbox One and Windows 10. So far the game was only available to Alpha testers under several restrictions. Along with this announcement, the game will also receive an update to its heroes and servers, that will be put to test with a new wave of players.

Being a part of a closed Beta means fulfilling some requirements. Those who want to be PC Beta testers must have Windows 10 and an Xbox Live account, while on Xbox One they must be Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Of course, don’t forget the signup form, which is, in fact, very simple.


Despite the requirement of being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, Gigantic is meant to be a free-to-play game upon release. Those interested can visit the game’s website to sign up for the tests and find other information about heroes, maps, and strategies.

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