E3 2015: Firewatch to Make Console Debut on PS4

During Sony’s PS4 presentation, it was revealed that Campo Santo’s wilderness exploration mystery, Firewatch, will be released on PS4 alongside the release on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The game’s story unfolds as the player explores, with the timing of discoveries driving the dialogue between the two main characters, as well as dictating the events that define the narrative. How far it goes depends on the actions taken by the player. Play it safe, or find answers? You decide.


Henry is a new lookout in Wyoming, tasked with keeping watch for potential fires, while also tending to the wilderness surrounding his tower. He’s escaped from his failing marriage, wishing to have time to himself, but begins a bit of a banter with his supervisor, Delilah, who is having relationship issues of her own. Throughout the game, Delilah is the player’s only connection, available via a handheld radio. When strange things begin to happen, it’s her to whom Henry will turn for answers and encouragement. Investigation into these incidents involves a bit of exploration on the part of the player, where items can be found and used to reach new map areas. The question becomes, then, whether these new discoveries will solve, or add to, the mystery. With only one person to turn to, it must be decided where players can place their trust: In Henry, or Delilah.

Firewatch is set to release later this year. Find out more on Camp Santo’s devblog, Facebook and Twitter.

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