E3 2015: Experience the World, Beyond Eyes

A growing trend in video games is the implementation of some sort of sensory deprivation in the main character, most notably the absence of sight. While many of these games takes place from a first-person perspective, using echolocation as a means of navigation, Beyond Eyes has a character that the player guides through sound, touch, and even scent. Tiger & Squid announced the release of this adorable adventure for Xbox One at E3 2015, stating it will be released later this year.

rae fenceRae, a 10-year-old girl who was blinded by fireworks at a young age, has developed agoraphobia. While she is perfectly content to wander in her own garden, smelling the flowers and enjoying the sunshine, her only companion through the lonely days is a cat named Nani. One day, Nani goes missing, and Rae decides to brave the outside world to find her feline friend, but she needs the player’s help to navigate a path that she’s never experienced. Along the way, Rae encounters new situations and sensations, and can even make new friends. However, Rae’s anxiety can lead to obstacles where fear must be overcome, and creative solutions must be found. But the end goal is to help her find Nani and return home safely.

Beyond Eyes is scheduled to be released this Summer on Xbox One as a console exclusive, along with Windows, Mac, and Linux support. Follow Tiger & Squid on Twitter, or “like” their page on Facebook, for regular updates.

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