Dyscourse Devs Launch Geocache Hunt

Owlchemy Labs, developers of the interactive choose-your-own-adventure game Dyscourse, announced last week the start of a geocache hunt for Steam keys of the game-which was prompted by one of their own in-game characters.

Dyscourse was released on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on March 25. Players control the actions of art school graduate Rita after she and an odd group of survivors become trapped on an island after their plane crashes. The object of the game is to survive and escape the island which is problematic due to hunger, wild animals, and eventually in-fighting between the survivors. Choice and consequence are integral to the narrative development of the game, as each in-game decision can have dramatic effects on the overall story.


One non-player character in particular has now taken the spotlight with the unveiling of the geocaches. Conspiracy theorist, blogger, and fellow survivor Teddy had a personal website created for him to signal the beginning of the hunt as well as issue the following statement, “I had to hide the truth because if I put the truth out there through traditional means, they would find out.”


Images meant to act as clues to the locations of 10 separate geocaches were also provided. Some of the geocaches have already been discovered, with the yet-to-be-recovered Primary cache (containing 100 Steam keys) reported as being hidden on Cards Against Humanity-owned Hawaii 2 island in central Maine.

Those interested in hunting down the various geocaches may be able to uncover additional clues by visiting Teddy’s faux personal website. Gameplay footage and trailers for Dyscourse are also available on the Steam page and official site.

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