Dusty Revenge Re-releasing on Steam, Includes Co-op and More


2D action platformer Dusty Revenge is getting some extra polish in time for an early 2014 Steam re-release. After listening to feedback from fans who purchased the original version, Ken Poh and his team at PD Design Studio are adding expanded features and content to what will soon be known as Dusty Revenge: Co-op Edition. The most obvious improvement is that the game will now support co-op thanks to the addition of new heroine Kitsune. Kitsune will come with her own unique combos, and can be used in either single-player or co-op.


The Co-op Edition also adds a new stage and different enemies to square off against, including a few new boss fights. On the Extras front, players can unlock an art gallery and a boss-rush mode to test their brawling prowess. Fans who have previously purchased the original version will be relieved to know they will receive a free upgrade to the Co-op Edition. (A decision very much worthy of praise, so thank you PD Design Studios!) Dusty Revenge: Co-op Edition will be available soon through Steam for both PC and Mac. You can read our original preview of the game from way back in August of 2012 here, and then visit the official website for a ton of extra Dusty-related content.

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