‘Duplicity’ Evolves The Puzzle Genre On Ouya

Here’s something kinda cool for you Tetris fans out there.¬†Salvatore Gionfriddo has come up with a neat little twist on the typical block falling puzzle game with his latest project Duplicity.


Born during the recent Ouya Create game jam, Duplicity is a two player game where you must drop the familiar blocks into place as always, though this time from left to right instead of down into the play field. Both players have equals halves of the screen and, depending on how quick or how accurate they are when placing their pieces into place, will eventually push the other player back far enough to win the game.

The video below gives you a good idea of what to expect, though since then Sal has upped the speed of the game as well as a number of other tweaks. You’ll also notice there’s no preview of what piece comes next, a traditional element for those of you who recall. In this case it adds to the tension and fun of trying to beat your opponent.


As you clear lines by dropping your pieces into place, the board moves further either left or right depending on which side you’re playing. In a neat twist, some players may unknowingly create even better places on the board for the opposition to clear their area, adding to the madness of it all.

If you’d like to see Duplicity on the Ouya, head over to the support site or visit Sal’s blog to see how it all came to be.