Dungeons of Aledorn Kickstarts the Old-School RPG Experience

When thinking “old-school RPG” sometimes a good question is to ask “which old-school?” If titles like Might and Magic, King’s Bounty, and Realms of Arkania: Shadows over Riva ring true in your heart, the upcoming project from Team 21 will catch your attention.

Dungeons of Aledorn harkens back to classic titles with elements such as first-person role-playing gameplay and turn-based combat. With catering to hardcore players in mind, the developers intend to craft a mechanically challenging, complex game. The gameplay will round out with a mix of puzzle-solving, quest activities, tactical combat, and branching dialogue options. As much as the fantasy setting allows, the developers want to emphasize realism – when fighting, for instance, they want to include a wide range of combat options to match some possibilities that the players might think of. Instead of regular hit points, a more realistic injury distribution system will reflect characters getting hurt in visceral combat.


With six classes and seven unique races featuring special abilities, Dungeons of Aledorn takes a more tailored approach to advancing each character. Upon reaching certain points, each profession branches off into two different ones, requiring a specific quest to be completed. Other noteworthy features in-game are random encounters during travels and a camp management system where players can assign various task to party members.dungeons1

Currently being developed in Unity 4, Team 21 wants to move to Unity 5  if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. Integrating Oculus Rift support is also a possibility. Pledging as little as $9 nets an “early bird” digital copy of the game. Check out the campaign page for more details on Dungeon of Aledorn‘s story, development team, and tier rewards. There’s also a Steam Greenlight page.

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