Dungeonmans Wants to be Rogue-like, Dungeon-Crawling Heaven

It’s not easy building up an academy for adventurers in the RPG world. Dungeonmans proves that task to be as treacherous as ever with its all-out turn-based, tactical overworld movement and combat. Players create a character with classes and skills to prepare for a life of questing into the most dangerous parts of the world. A word of advice to new players: Don’t get attached to your characters, as they will eventually expire and your next hero will pick up where they left off. The game works off a guild-based structure, allowing people to start off questing, and should they perish within the dungeons, the next character they create can find their remnants and get a little bonus loot off their permadeath spot.

Players can fully equip the character’s bodies with armor and items, complete with cheeky description for each in the UI. Achievements include bonus rewards for returning books and artifacts, or upgrading the alchemy lab by running errands for the alchemist there. The soundtrack is also worth a note, since it’s very cinematic and doesn’t overpower the game atmosphere with its upbeat, battle-ready tunes.

Dungeonmans is currently in Early Access, and can be found on the game’s Steam page here. The full release date is scheduled for December 9 on Windows PC.

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