‘Dungeon Lore’ Now Available For Windows/Mac

dungeon lore 1

Recently released as an iOS-only title, Dungeon Lore, by 3DAttack, is now available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Dungeon Lore is a turn-based role playing game and although despite being a port, there are differences in experience between the respective platforms.

In terms of the aesthetic, the game has a cartoon-like feel, sharing some graphical resemblance to Runescape. There is a turn-based system that includes all three forms of combat: range, magic, and melee, yet isn’t excluded to fighting; exploring also incorporates this system. This turn-based gameplay is also not based on a grid formation in any way: players are free to maneuver how they please while they fight and are able to pivot and pan the camera in whichever direction they see necessary; nothing is locked.

On top of these general mechanics, Dungeon Lore, as the name might suggest, has plenty of dungeons that vary in the way they look and feel, allowing for the depth and freedom of exploration that is needed within an RPG. Ensuring that this exploration isn’t futile, there are plenty of items and equipment to find or even traps to evade.

As the player progresses through the game, they can raise level, ability, and skill to certain points as they see fit and attribute various enhancements onto their hero. There really is a lot of expansion in this game and considering the price, it’s difficult to properly comprehend the scope of this game.

You can purchase Dungeon Lore on Desura and check out the developers, 3DATTACK, on Twitter.

Perhaps you think different of the game’s look? I personally like both Runescape and the cartoon style¬†Dungeon Lore has going for it, tell me what you think about the game with a comment below.