Dungeon Defenders II Gets A Holiday-Themed Update

Dungeon Defenders II

Today, Trendy Entertainment announced the arrival of their latest update to hit Dungeon Defenders II, “The Harbinger Awakens”. Contrary to the ominous name, the update features some holiday-themed content that players can pick up and wear to show their holiday spirit.

With the update, new winter lock boxes include cosmetic items like reindeer antlers and Santa hats. The maps are also snowy for the time being, and holiday-themed costumes are available to players.

The update’s title, “The Harbinger Awakens” refers to a new boss fight involving a boss that Dungeon Defenders I veteran’s will remember. Furthermore, the leveling process up to level 50 is now faster and while loot drops less frequently it will be of higher quality and relevant to the player looting it. Players will also be able to experience endgame content at level 40, as opposed to level 50, to allow players faster access to the endgame experience.

Dungeon Defenders II is an action tower-defense game from Trendy Entertainment that is currently available and free-to-play on Steam Early Access.

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