Dulp – From The Makers Of Zig Zag Boom Comes A Quick-Fix Arcade Game

Following the release of their last game, Zig Zag Boom, the team at Nexx Studio has just released their latest quick-fix arcade game, Dulp. This app is available for touch-screen devices, and uses simple one-touch controls for timing and an almost twitch-type gameplay.


Dulp is split up into 147 different levels to test the player, with minimalist graphics and intuitive gameplay. Each level contains a ring made of different-colored line segments that rotates in the center of the screen. The player’s goal is to throw projectiles that match the colored segments in order to pair them. The rings will rotate at different speeds and intervals, and use color sections of varying sizes to increase the difficulty. The game’s difficulty further evolves as it adds layers to the rings, providing separate patterns to carefully follow in each ring. Accuracy is absolutely key, as hitting a segment of the wrong color will cause the player to fail that level instantly.

Dulp is currently available on iTunes and Google Play for smartphone and tablet devices for free. To learn more about this and future Nexx Studio games, follow the team on Twitter, or “like” their page on Facebook.

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