Draw a Ladybug’s Flightpath in Coccidots

Coccidots is a reflex and reaction-based mobile game that allows players to draw the flightpath of a ladybug across separate levels, each more complicated than the last. Created and released by developer Ahmed Majdoubi, the game features colorful visuals by Mustafar Lamrani, as well as a challenge that requires precision and quick problem solving.

Coccidots allows players to follow and draw single-directional lines along the screen, essentially drawing roadways for the ladybug to follow. The bug picks up any dots that it flies over, leading to a successful completion of the level. The ladybug starts off in a general direction, giving the player a “3, 2, 1” counter before it launches. The game features infinite levels that provide a long progression that increases in difficulty with a number of different obstacles, such as a spiderweb that can instantly end the ladybug’s journey. The speed of the ladybug will then increase with each successive level.


Gamers can download Coccidots from Google Play for free with no in-app purchases needed. The game is also scheduled for an iOS release, as noted in the game trailer. For more information, follow Ahmed on Twitter, or like the game on Facebook.

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