Dragon Fin Soup — Add Some Cash to the Pot

Dragon Fin Soup is a game from the dev team Grimm Bros, and so, rather fittingly, features characters reminiscent of classic fairy tales. The main character, Red Robin, is a callback to Little Red Riding Hood… if Little Red carried a gun and had the Big Bad Wolf as a pet. The Kickstarter page is quick to mention, however, that it won’t just be retelling these famous stories. Their style appears to involve sampling characters, locations, and ideas from all forms of fairy tale, and weaving them into a brand new world for players to explore. Incidentally, the actual world appears to be inspired by another famous fantasy story: Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. While the world isn’t a giant, rotating disc, nor are there any elephants visibly holding the planet aloft, the world is situated on the back of a giant Dragon Turtle deity named Asura. 

The actual gameplay is described as being a “Tactical Action RPG,” which means that you move around on a grid, and each movement you make gives the other enemies in an area an opportunity to move or attack as well. What this amounts to is a game where you’ll have as much time to think as you’d like, but which will still act as though it’s in real-time when you actually make your move. It should be familiar to anyone who’s played the recent Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon games, or the games that inspired them. In addition, the game will feature a crafting system, procedurally generated missions and dungeons (along with handcrafted ones), a day/night cycle, and random weather.

DragonFinSoupIf any of this sounds like your cup of soup, you can head over to their Kickstarter page to add some fuel to the fire, and get some sweet rewards as well. You can also check out their pitch video above, which features the devs and their mind-numbingly amazing video game display.

A nerd of elephantine proportions (both figuratively and literally), Connor also writes for Pxlbyte, and has recently come to realize that he is, in actuality, really bad at video games. So he writes about them instead.