Douglas Circumstance Brings 8-Bit Extermination to Kickstarter


Developer A Jolly Corpse has moved its upcoming platform shooter, Douglas Circumstance, to Kickstarter with the hopes of raising funds for the game’s remaining development cycle.

Players take control of Douglas, an extreme pest exterminator, and they must fight off hordes of creatures in a world inspired by 8-bit classic titles. According to the developer, “Douglas Circumstance is a classic PC platform shooter set in a world full of memorable monsters and animated characters. It’s a unique combination of pixel-perfect platforming, twitch shooting, and secret-hunting that’ll remind you of classics like Mega Man, Duck Tales, and Contra.” The game is also said to contain a variety of comedic boss fights, which occur approximately five times in each level.


Douglas Circumstance began its Kickstarter campaign in November with the aim of raising $25,000 USD. The campaign has received approximately 15 percent of its funding and has just over two weeks remaining. Jesse Bull, of A Jolly Corpse, says that due to financial obligations, he can’t devote all his time to the game’s production. The developer goes on to say, “With a backing from all the great people at Kickstarter, however, I could make Douglas my number one priority. I could take a break from freelance work completely, and commit the time and energy to Douglas Circumstance that I think it deserves.”


If the campaign is successful, the game is estimated to release on PC in 2016. For more information, check out A Jolly Corpse on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.