Double Fine’s ‘Middle Manager Of Justice’ Is Out Now

Middle Manager of Justice

Double Fine’s Middle Manager of Justice is out now for iOS, for real this time! An incomplete version of the game landed on the App Store all the way back in September where a few lucky people were able to grab it before the developer promptly deleted it. In the end, it became sort of a beta test.

The game initially came out last week for Canada in case in glitches were found before the world-wide iOS release. Looks like everything went fine as I now have it on my iPad and haven’t run into any big bugs besides a small graphical glitch.

As far as the gameplay goes, it has been pretty fun so far. You take on the position of a middle manager at Justice Corp’s newest branch. You’ll have to keep a team of superheroes in check by organizing training, requisitioning facilities, and upgrading equipment. Be sure to pick up Middle Manager of Justice today, after all, it is free.