Doom Warrior Open Beta Launches

Creaky Corpse has launched their second title, Doom Warrior, a dark arena combat MMO title. Previously launched in closed beta in April 2014, the developer is now ready to unleash the bloody battler onto the public.

Doom Warrior is an arena-based combat MMORPG where players are thrust into the role of a barbarian who has been captured and taken from his homeland, where he finds himself forced into arena combat for the amusement of a paying crowd. Mastering up close and personal melee combat is the only way to ensure survival and freedom.

Players will battle against other real-world combatants from all around the world, and will also find themselves going toe-to-toe against fierce boss creatures. Those victorious even have the choice to spare or slaughter the opponent they reign victorious over. The choices each have their own pros and cons, so sparing an opponent may prove more unsatisfactory than chopping their head off.

Doom Warrior is available now in open beta, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux with iOS and Android versions coming later this year. The game is not the first MMO outing by developer Creaky Corpse, that privilege goes to their first title, Dead Frontier, which currently has over 10 million registered players.

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