Donut County Introduces Interesting Physics Puzzles

Something curious is happening, and it involves donuts and cute animals.  Although tagged as a “physics adventure,” there is no cuddly protagonist in Donut County, an upcoming puzzle game with an unusual mechanic.

The game takes place around a shop called Donut County in a cartoonish version of Los Angeles. Each of the landmarks visible in the rotating, picturesque menu represent a playable level; those segments usually feature a small setting with animals, such as a small chicken house, or a fox just camping in a tent. Hardly shocked to a see a sinkhole moving about, the animal characters eventually fall into the ever-increasing pit. The player’s task is relatively simple: To swallow small objects first and expand until moving on to bigger ones.


Donut County gives players an opportunity to explore “negative space” by swallowing things up. Some levels also have interesting interactions depending on what is swallowed, and there will be collectible coffee cups to catch. Created by solo developer Ben Esposito, Donut County garnered recognition at the Independent Games Festival 2015 (in both the Finalist: Excellence in Art and Honorable Mention: Grand Prize categories), among others.

The whimsical physics-sinkhole-puzzle simulator is currently in development for Windows and Mac and scheduled to release later in 2015. An iOS version is due after the Steam release. Check back with us for more updates on Donut County, and find the latest updates on the game via Twitter and its website.

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