Don’t Starve Together Gets Free Content Update

Don’t Starve Together, the multiplayer version of Don’t Starve, has been updated with a large majority of the content from the single-player version’s expansion: Reign of Giants. In addition, quite a few other changes have been made to the co-op survival sim.

For one – or, technically, two – new playable characters have been added. Wigfrid is a former method actor who apparently method acted her way into all but actually being an actual Valkyrie (the role she was supposed to be undertaking). To fully get in character, she also “only eats meat” and is excellent in battle.


Webber is a young boy who was eaten by a spider… and then grew up inside that spider… and now fights as a kind of spider person. Let us all pause for a moment of shuddering. Eeaugh. In any case, he has benefitted from his odd life and now uses arachnid-themed, and presumably mildly disturbing, abilities.

Beyond the new characters, there are two new seasons – Summer and Spring – which add new gameplay elements in the form of harsh rains that deplete heat and sanity, and heat that shrivels plants. Two new biomes have been added as well, the Desert and the Deciduous forest.


The update introduces a few mechanical changes as well, which seem primarily aimed at making the game both slightly more realistic and slightly harder. Giants are among the more notable changes, since they are now apparently more present in the world, rather than only popping up once a season.

You can read more about the changes in this Klei forum post, and you can learn more about both flavors of Don’t Starve from its website.

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