Don’t Mess With These: ‘Super Killer Hornet’ Announced For Window Phone 7 To Be Released Later This Summer

Looking for another shump (shoot’em up)? May it slightly resemble Hypership Out of Control, but it astonishing. Staying true to bullet-hells, it pays a tribute to DonPachi – both name and content-wise. Shining some light on a once forgotten genre, Flump Studios announces their upcoming shooter: Super Killer Hornet. It doesn’t seem like a smart thing to mess with those!

Allowing you to be confined to your room, it’s coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Window Phone 7 later this summer. Might just be the best shumps to be on Window Phone 7s to be released! For more information, you can follow Flump Studiosblog or check out their latest trailer for Super Killer Hornet:

Let’s hear Flump Studios’ take on Super Killer Hornet:

“That brings me to our next and newest project, ‘Super Killer Hornet Special Black Label’ started of the back of ‘Little White Box’ from our last post(Hopefully also will be available soon) it’s a frantic SHMUP(Shoot ’em up) this title pay homage to the great bullet hell shooters of Japan.

Pretty much since I started playing video games my favorite genre has been the humble horizontal SHMUP  just the raw energy and sweaty palms you get from blowing the crap out of everything just cannot be beaten.”