Don’t Forget To Barrel Roll In Dark Star

Dark Star is an arcade shoot-’em-up developed by That Wonderful Lemon Co. The game utilizes simple gameplay with detailed 3D visuals, and aims to provide a beautiful and immersive experience, as well as to utilize the full graphic capabilities of smartphones and tablets.


The gameplay moves the player’s ship along a track through different environments in outer space, such as asteroid clusters, space junkyards, and even through an armada of enemy ships. The action is fast-paced and perhaps even frustrating as wave upon wave of enemies and hazards are thrown in the player’s direction. The game uses a touchscreen system that allows the player to use any and all fingers to move the ship around and fire at approaching threats. They will need to incorporate both fighting and maneuverability in order to avoid damage or to hit rings that provide extra points.

Dark Star also offers a list of upgradeable and unlockable spaceships for better firepower and movement. The game is expected to receive major content updates over time in order to increase the number of available ships, environments, and explosive materials to deal with in different levels.


Dark Star will be available for iOS mobile devices for $1.99 on November 20th, though the price is expected to increase with each major content update that follows the original release. Gamers who purchase the game early will receive these updates for free, and the game will offer no in-app purchases. For more information, follow the team on Twitter, or visit the game studio’s official site.

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