Don’t Drown – Infinite Gameplay, Until You Drown

Mobile indie game developer Batuhan recently released his game Don’t Drown for iOS devices. Essentially an endless ‘swimmer’ game, players use simple controls to keep their character alive for as long as possible, and the longer the game goes on, the harder it gets.

dd-scr-2Don’t Drown uses retro 2D graphics and is a fairly simple game to understand, allowing players to just jump in (pun intended) and get started. Players control a now ship-less ship captain floating in the ocean, as platforms begin to scroll down from above, leaving a few small openings that the character can fit through. The walls move progressively faster as the game continues to play, trying to push the player below the surface of the ocean and further to at least the bottom of the screen. It’s actually a rather grim concept to consider, given that players are put in the impossible situation of saving the captain from his inevitable drowning.

Players will be challenged as the game picks up speed, and as they reach for floating coins spread throughout the level in difficult, or at least risky, to reach locations. With those coins, players can purchase new characters and power ups to gain an advantage during gameplay.

Don’t Drown is available for free on iOS devices via the App Store. For more information about this and future games from Batuhan, gamers can follow the developer on Twitter.

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  • junu

    nice little game to kill the time with