Don’t Despair – Gloom: Digital Edition Bringing New Life to the Card Game

A team of indie game developers at Sky Ship Studios took to the Origins Game Fair this weekend to announce the pre-production of a digital adaptation of the award-winning card game Gloom. The studio is partnering with Atlas Games and Keith Baker in order to bring a fully developed Gloom: Digital Edition to fans and newcomers of the dark humor-filled card game.

As Sky Ship Studios is a start up, the team will be relying on a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months to fund the project. “We want to see the game on as many platforms and languages as we can and, for that, we’re going to need the community’s support,” said Eric Francksen, CEO of Sky Ship Studios. The studio is also looking to the community for opinions on what would make Gloom: Digital Edition a game loved by fans everywhere. The team has even gone so far as to set up a forum on their website, where developers on the team intend to regularly answer questions and poll the community.

Gloom: Digital Edition promises to adapt the dark humor and unique challenges that are staples of the original card game, but details about any major differences separating one version from the other are not yet known. For more information, gamers are encouraged to visit the forums or the official website. Gamers can also follow Sky Ship Studios on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest announcements via social media.

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