‘Domino Arena’ When It All Comes Crashing Down

Yesterday Gamieon released their latest title, Domino Arena on PC, Android, and iOS. Domino Arena is a multiplayer strategy game that pits the player against others (online or around a table) in a battle for domino supremacy.

The whole concept of Domino Arena is for players to paint as many dominos their color as possible. The strategy comes in the way players only have one minute to paint as many dominos their color as possible, and with up to four players this game can turn into a hectic free-for-all very quickly.

The full game comes with twenty levels, and global leaderboards.

It’s interesting to see Gamieon take the classic game digital and actually make it into a fast paced competitive title. This is the fourth mobile game released by Gamieon, and they hope to build on their already popular other titles.

domino arena

Domino Arena can be downloaded from the Play store, iTunes, or played on PC via Gamesjolt or Kongregate. The mobile/ tablet version can be upgraded for just $0.99 from the single player trial to the full multiplayer version with eight additional single player levels.

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