‘Dodgebots’ Tournament Features Cash Prizes

Will Pwn 4 Food is hosting nightly $100 tournaments this week in their game DodgeBots.  According to their website , DodgeBots is a “fast-action 3D game that’s akin to shooting fish in a barrel”, in which you’re a robot and another player is shooting dodgeballs and bombs at you and others in the arena from a turret on the wall.

The winners in the tournaments normally just win credits (which you use to play more games and buy power-ups), but for this week, winners can walk away with real cash.  What’s more, players will be playing against the DodgeBot developers.

If this sounds like your cup of multiplayer gaming action, head over between 7 and 10pm EST every night this week.  Participants may even be featured on Will Pwn 4 Food’s Google+ Hangout stream.  Check out the tournament announcement and the official website for more information.

Will Pwn 4 Food requests that participants look over their Terms and Conditions, so that no one accidentally breaks a law.