Do the Corpse and Your Family Proud in Corpse of Discovery

Corpse of Discovery is a first-person exploration game that takes place in the vast unknown landscape of worlds scattered throughout space. Developed by Phosphor Games, the game provides players with procedurally-generated planetary landscapes, giving them a unique experience every time they step out of their base.

Corpse Burning

Players work for the Corpse, and are tasked with completing various objectives at hand like finding resources and mapping the planets, all while remaining determined, motivated and resilient as they work towards their ultimate goal: To return home to their family. The player on their first mission will have A.V.A, an “Assist Bot”, who will guide them in their journey and consistently remind them that they’re important to the Corpse.

The game features a “mature and deep narrative,” guiding players on a “thought-provoking exploration game, set in space, about life’s revelations, misguided expectations, disappointments and self-discovery.” The developer has stated that each planet has a “deep symbolic meaning, designed to signify differing life elements that the player is struggling with, ranging from defining their values to self-identity.”

Corpse Exploration

Corpse of Discovery is currently out now on Steam for Windows PC. The game is currently priced at $13.49 USD (normally $14.99). To learn more about the game visit the official website. To learn more about the developer, Phosphor Games visit their website, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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