Division Z – Tower-defense for the Undead

Some people are sick to death of zombies, but for those like myself who could never tire of their cannibalistic ways, Thinking Monkey Studio released a zombie tower-defense game on April 9. It’s called Division Z, and it is playable on any iOS devices with OS 7 or upwards.


In Division Z, the player is tasked with strategically defending themselves from zombie attacks across 18 levels, each with their own unique feel. To do so, there are 5 different towers to be placed on a limited number of ‘tower spots’ in each level. Though I can’t describe the differences between these towers, I do know that each can be upgraded using an upgrade tree, and that upgrades can take the form of either a permanent upgrade or an upgrade that only applies during the level being played.

According to the developer, this brings a level of diversity to each tower, and will change how each tower is utilized throughout the levels. For example, a player may wish to upgrade one tower permanently, as they favor its attack style, and momentarily upgrade another, needing it to beat a particular group of zombies.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.33.19 PM

As for the zombies, there are six different types. In addition, there are ‘horde waves’, in which a large horde of zombies spawn rapidly and attempt to gnash the player to defeat. In developing Division Z, the studio said that they “wanted to make a tower defense game… that was a bit different from the rest.”


Division Z is available now, and is currently free for a limited time only. If the strong desire to learn more is gnawing at your brain, you’ll find all you need to know over at Thinking Monkey Studio.